Monday, December 5, 2011


The beautiful city of Bandung is located in a large country in southeast asia, namely Indonesia, from the days of old city is well known to the world, with its natural beauty to make people interested to visit the city of Bandung, the air is cool and friendly people, the majority came from the tribe of sunda one of the largest ethnic indonesia famous with good and cheap and the girls smile and a sweet, beautiful, famous as the city of Bandung interest in indonesia, many types of flowers that grow in the dawn of Bandung city, so add the beauty of this city.

History has recorded some of the important international events held in the city of Bandung is one of its declaration of Non-block movements that often we know the term Asian-African Conference at the time of going cold war between the Soviet Union with the USA, this movement of cooperation between some countries such as indonesia, India, Egypt, etc. as a country that does not block the west side (USA) or block East (Soviet Union), this conference aims to avoid the occurrence of war between the two sides, held with the Asia-Africa conference in Bandung, Bandung make famous to the world.

Besides natural beauty of the city is also famous because bandung art and cultural property, one of which is often displayed on the international stage is a dance that is similar jaipongan typical dance bandung the city is very beautiful with a unique movement that makes people want to follow the movement of dancers jaipong, besides the type of equipment music Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from the original bandung, made from bamboo material choices produce a beautiful tone, many traditional art originating from the city of Bandung (West Java) you can enjoy if you come to indonesia, among others: "remapak kendang", "Horses Renggong", Singa Depok, "" kendang Pencak Silat "," gamelan "etc..

for transportation and accommodation bandung city government and the investors have provided a very good means internasioanal stages such as the International Hotel (Hotel Homan, Preanger hotel etc.) and airport (Airport Husen sastranegara) and statsiun (statsiun Bandung) in the easy reach by any party that want to pay a visit to the city of Bandung, the city of Jakarta when applied to the car takes about 2-3 hours travel, via rail travel 1 hour and 20 minute flight air travel.

Food typical of Bandung is one that you should taste when you come to the city of Bandung, the city of Bandung, the diversity of food and the typical cuisine, such as "SURABI Imut" a kind of traditional cake made of sago and coconut milk is delicious asngat, "peuyeum" fermented cassava that is very delicious and very typical, and many other food is available even to have any food internasioanl so you do not worry if the food will come to bandung.

Visit the City of Bandung on the holiday that you will come! thanks


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