Tuesday, December 13, 2011


began to write this article to describe a lot f beautiful of the cities in my lovely country, Indonesia..

maybe it`s not same for everyone because it`s my own opinions but i do hope you can enjoy reading this articles.

i began to list from a top 1 (the best city) to the top ten..

1. Jakarta

who doesnt know Jakarta? Jakarta is capital of Indonesia Republic. it`s not only capital but the proud of indonesian people. This city offer many best places and best views. Jakarta offer many different side to be watched and enjoyed by many tourism.

You can see many history this country like history of proclamation and so on.

If you had no time to visit all city in indonesia, you can go to TMII and see many beautiful in TMII. TMII is like mini indonesia.

You can see too betawi culture even it`s very rare.

2. Surabaya

Surabaya is capital of east Java. Like Jakarta, surabaya is one of the famous city in indonesia. surabaya is remembered because heroes day (november 10). Surabaya had offer too many best places. you can reach surabaya from jakarta 2 hours flight.

3. Bandung

Bandung is capital of west Java. Bandung is identic with "distro", food and sunda culture.

You can buy a cheap shoes in dago, one of the famous street in bandung. Many delicious food is offered in bandung.

4. Denpasar

Denpasar is capital of Bali...Sometimes many foreigners only know bali or denpasar. they sometimes forgot that bali or denpasar is part of indonesia. i think many people had more known bali.

5. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is student city. City of java culture i think. malioboro is one of the famous best place in jogja.

You can see too a java culture here...

6. Solo

one of the best places in central Java provinces. You can buy a cheap batique in Pasar Klewer. Batik is identic with Solo.

7. Makassar

Makassar is capital of South Sulawesi Province. Makassar is the bigger city in sulawesi island. the gate for eastern part of indonesia. Losari Beach and Fort Rotterdam are the best places in Makassar. Dont forget too about makassar and bugis culture in Makassar

8. Medan

Medan is capital of Nort Sumatera. Medan is one of the biggest city in Sumatera Island. Maimun Palace is one of the best places in Medan. You can learn too batak culture in Medan

9. Aceh

Aceh is identic with moslem. Aceh is the western area in indonesia. Many beautiful places in aceh.

10. Ambon

Ambon is capital of Maluku. Many best places too in ambon...


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