Friday, January 13, 2012


Iphone is a smartphone produced by Apple which combines the features of iPod, tablet PC, digital camera in a cellular phone performance. The standard device of iPod includes internet browsing and networking abilities. With a very slim dimension of 11.6 millimeter thick, iPhone has internal lithium-ion battery that could last 8 hours for talk and video, including 24 hours for music mode. But the energy problem seems to put high demand on iPhone to always improve its technology in energy renewal. Due to the global warming issues that suggest us not to use too much energy including electricity, the solar panel system has been developed for almost all technology. At the end of 2011 a saving energy effort is used in solar chargers which implemented in many chargers including iPhone.

It is good news for the green peace activist because solar chargers for iPhone are available now. The chargers are small enough to carry everywhere, unlike those big metered-long solar panels we know. One example is the Portable Solar Charger with 18 x 5.2 x 1.2 cm dimension. This charger only weight about 41.5 g, so basically it is not much different that the common chargers and you can carry it everywhere. There are many advantages that can be obtained by using this solar charger, aside of its disadvantages. Many advantages are it has unlimited energy source, it will save more electricity and money, it is eco-friendly, it doesn’t need heavy maintenance, it is very easy to use and the amazing thing is that it can be used for iPhones, phones, PSP, MP3 and MP4.

The main source of its energy is the sun, so you have limitless energy source. And this energy comes in free (aside the cost you spend to buy the charger of course) so you can save money for electricity bill. The great thing is that it decreases the use of electricity produced from coal-burning electricity power plants. This will help to save our world from the damaged effect of the very global warming. This charger is also very easy to use and require not much maintenance because its durability is well-built. Another advantage is that you can use this charge for almost any gadget like iPhone, iPods, PSP, MP3, MP4 and more because it comes with lots of charger connectors. Once again you can save money with only buy one charger for all of your gadgets. The downside is that you cannot use this charger at night, the electrical output is small and depending on the sunlight power, and also it takes too long to charge. However it is I, personally, think that this is just a minor problem comparing how much energy we can save by using solar charger for our iPhone


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