Monday, December 5, 2011


Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in southeast asia.Indonesia consists of thousands of islands that are united under one flag, red and white. As the largest country in southeast asia and the fourth largest in the world, Indonesia has so many interesting places to visit. Indonesia has Bali, Jogjakarta, Solo, Komodo Island, Bangka Belitung, and other very nice to serve as a tourist destination. In addition to the places that have beautiful natural scenery, Indonesia also has some characteristics that can not be found in other countries in the world. For example, traditional foods of diverse spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago, interesting crafts that can be bought as souvenirs or memories after visiting Indonesia, friendly people, the various tribes who live together and are united by one language of unity that is the Indonesian language. Another uniqueness that exist in Indonesia which is the population density is seen on the island of Java. Indonesia with the islands scattered around the equator is one of the few countries that have the largest number of islands in the world. They are, for example, the island of Borneo, among others, the island of Sumatra, and Papua. However, uniquely by approximately 61% of the population lived on the island of Java.Approximately 121 million people of the total amount of 205.1 million people are registered as official residents Indonesia (based on census population of Indonesia 2000). That way, it can be deduced that the rate of population density on the island of Java is about 103 persons/square kilometer. Indonesia's population in 2010 is estimated around 234.2 million. 


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